Accelerando (Serenade Serial #4)

Vampire Irene is not running away.

To others, it might seem like running away, but who cares what they think? She’s absolutely not running away from the human Rachid and his vampire companion Oliver, who asked her for something she cannot, will not give. Still, things would have been much easier if all they’d wanted was sex!

But as she travels to Berlin, London, and finally New York, the memory of them follows her, like music echoing in her mind. And soon, it’s more than a memory that comes to find her…


RATING – sexy

LENGTH – 20.000 words

NOTE – This book is the fourth part of the Serenade serial, which is available as 5 installments or 1 complete serial ebook.
It also belongs to the Compulsion Cycle series, in which each serial can be read independently.


Only available as a boxed set at this time