By Twilight (Vampire Delights Serial #1)

After two hundred years of sparks flying between Lilah and Florian, it’s time to light up the fireworks…

I’m a patient girl. Being a vampire and practically immortal, I’ve learned to be. But after knowing the charming and sexy-as-hell Florian for over two centuries, I’m not waiting any longer. The burning attraction between us has existed for too long to be smothered even one more day.

Every time we met over the years, someone stood between us, preventing more than casual contact. But this time, we’re both single. This time, I’m pulling all the stops—and if it means bidding on a date with him in a charity auction, I’ll go bankrupt before I lose to anyone.

We’ll finally know how brightly these sparks can light up one shared night… or could it end up being a lot more than one night?


RATING – sexy

LENGTH – 16.800 words

NOTE – This story is the first part of a 5-book serial, but can be read as a standalone (no cliffhanger). It also belongs to the Compulsion Cycle series, but each serial can be read independently.


Only available as a boxed set at this time