In The Limelight (Vampire Delights Serial #4)

Whisked away for a night of indulgence, Lilah is soon brought back to reality…

At four hundred years old, I am too old to believe in fairy tales, and yet I am beginning to feel like I live in one. I haven’t really been looking for a relationship, but things are becoming serious. The ‘L’ word is in play… from both of my vampire lovers.

Two sexy, charming, attentive men at my beck and call… It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Of course it does.

A surprise trip out of town with Florian feels like a dream, but it lacks one important element: Damon. I thought one night on our own would be fine, but I could never stand jealousy, and lies are even worse…


RATING – sexy

LENGTH – 16.500 words

NOTE – This story is the fourth part of a 5-book serial, the Vampire Delights. It also belongs to the Compulsion Cycle series, but each serial can be read independently.


Only available as a boxed set at this time