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Out of the Box

For vampire Anando, On The Edge is the perfect hunting ground: the dancing club prides itself for being a place where vampires and humans can socialize openly and safely, and Anando’s sex appeal means he never goes hungry… or lonely.

The first time he meets Virginia, a young woman curious about what a night in a vampire’s arms would be like, he’s more than willing to oblige her. Her eagerness to try out something new in bed intrigues him, and when she comes back to the club, he’s happy to invite her to try a different game—to choose a different toy from his collection.

Over the next few months, every time she returns, he continues to stretch her imagination and the boundaries she tries to set on their relationship. Soon, though, Anando’s own limits are tested as much as Virginia’s when their sexual encounters give way to feelings neither of them expected…



RATING – sizzling

LENGTH – 76.000 words

NOTE – While part of the On The Edge series, this book can be read as a standalone


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