Stand-Alone Stories

While most of my books belong to series, a few of them are self-contained. Here they are…

Moonlust is, to date, my only sci-fi / space opera story. This novella was written as an answer to a call for stories by the defunct Samhain Publishing, and was released as part of their ‘Men in Space’ collection.

I wrote Blood Moon (and the prologue The Challenge)  as part of the Fated & Forbidden shared universe. I couldn’t help adding a vampire to this story, but the hero and heroine are magic users who have lived for centuries.

Losing His Wings was created as one of my monthly freebies for my newsletter subscribers. It’s set in the same larger universe as my Special Enforcers and On The Edge series, but focuses on and angel and a demon as they try to influence a newly turned vampire.

Love & Magic gathers 3 stories previously released on their own, all of them featuring gay couples who find themselves growing closer through the use of magic.

In This Life Or The Next was inspired by a book about past lives I read when I was a teenager. I don’t think I believe in reincarnation, but the idea is certainly fascinating.


Stand-alone Stories

M/M/M - Novella - Sizzling
M/F - Novel - Sexy
M/F - M/M - Novella - Sexy
M/M - Box Set- Sexy
M/F - Novella - Sexy