What’s New?

New Books

My newest book, Sharing Hazel, was released in late August. I also released a short story set in the Fiery Blooms series, Chasing Rose, as part of the charity anthology Shades of Pink, available only this October. I just finished writing Saving Marigold, my last addition to the Fiery Blooms/ Lick of Fire collection. Next, I’ll be working on the final installment of the QuickSilver Codex, Duels.


New in my life

I’m turning 41 this month. I don’t really care about the number itself, but i have a tendency to feel blue during October. I’ve never had great birthdays, and to be honest I’ve stopped looking forward to any kind of celebration. Heh, listen to me, I’m maudlin. Sorry about that.


New with Baby

(I call her ‘Baby’ when I refer to her online, but my daughter is now 3 years old.)

Last month, Baby started ballet classes. In June, she attended a program at the library where a ballet dancer read the children a story and had them practice ‘ballet’ moves, and she’d been asking for more dancing classes ever since. She seems to love it, and she’s been showing me what she learns when we get home as the moms aren’t allowed in the dance studio.