What’s New?

New Books

My newest book, Sharing Hazel, was released in late August. I also released a short story set in the Fiery Blooms series, Chasing Rose, as part of the charity anthology Shades of Pink, available only this October. I just finished writing Saving Marigold, my last addition to the Fiery Blooms/ Lick of Fire collection. Next, I’ll be working on the final installment of the QuickSilver Codex, Duels.


New in my life

Recently I was taken by the sudden urge to organize my writing. It happens, now and then… I make a list of all the stories I’ve been meaning to write, figure out how many words I can hope to write in a month, and plan my writing schedule. And usually within a week or two, the plan falls apart. This time, it only took three days… I really should get a grip, push up my sleeves and get to it.


New with Baby

(I call her ‘Baby’ when I refer to her online, but my daughter is now 3 years old.)

For Halloween, Baby decided she wanted to be a pumpkin. Then, just as I was trying to figure out how to make a pumpkin costume, she decided she wanted to be a witch. Then a pumpkin-witch. That lasted two days, until she decided she wanted to be a princess. I’d bought her a fancy dress at a thrift shop to wear in our Christmas pictures, so I figured it’s work as a princess dress when paired with the foam tiara we decorated together. She seemed happy enough… until the day we went trick-or-treating at the zoo, when she protested that she wanted a blue princess dress like Elsa from Frozen, not yellow like the dress we had. Oh well, too late to figure out something blue! She had a blast anyway. Now my mother sent her a witch costume, and she’s trying to decide what she wants to be on the actual Halloween night. I’m sure she’ll change her mind again!