What’s New?

New Books

My newest book , Stolen, part 3 of the Firelands Wars, was released at the end of July. My next release will be Sharing Hazel in late August. I’m also working on a short story set in the Fiery Blooms series to include in a charity anthology this coming October. Next on my writing list, my last addition to the Lick of Fire collection and the final installment of the QuickSilver Codex.


New in my life

I quit a customer service job after only a few weeks. It just wasn’t working out for my family and the deep stress of it was beginning to affect my health. I didn’t enjoy resigning, it made me feel like a ‘quitter’, but I was at a point where taking care of myself was more important than an extra paycheck at the end of the month.


New with Baby

(I call her ‘Baby’ when I refer to her online, but my daughter is now 3 years old.)

This month, we took ‘mom and me’ swimming lessons at the local outdoor pool. She just loved it… although she was more interested in doing whatever she wanted in the water than following the instructor’s directions! The lessons are now finished, much to her displeasure, but we might go back just to enjoy the pool while the weather is still good.