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My Reluctant Warden (Ward of the Vampire Serial #2)

When my boss brought me to the party of the season to celebrate Morgan Ward’s birthday, I thought I’d slipped on Cinderella’s shoes.

Now I’m compelled by some vampire mojo to remain in the mansion, trapped with a prince who was only charming in a shared fantasy, and the dream abruptly turns into a nightmare.

I may have an opulent guest suite at my disposal, with a butler waiting on my every desire, but, as gilded as it may be, it’s still a cage. And Morgan – lustful sin made flesh and more stubborn than the devil – is still my warden.

I’d gladly stay away from him and the temptation he offers, but after an unexpected conversation with my boss I find myself compelled again. This time, she demands that I share his bed… or die.



RATING – sexy

LENGTH – 29.000 words

NOTE – This story is the second part of a 5-book serial titled Ward of the Vampire. The parts are available individually as well as collected in one ebook with a bonus scene.
It also belongs to the Compulsion Cycle series, in which each serial can be read independently.


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