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His Sire’s New Rules

The first sizzling night the Dominant Alan shared with Tyler and Jeremy was all about punishments for the two submissives. It was also the first time in years that Alan, a Master vampire, had played with two men, each one so different from the other: human and vampire, novice sub in the world of BDSM and experienced switch, one who enjoys pain and one who’d rather avoid it… but both craving to submit to his commands.

The second night quickly became a step toward establishing new boundaries between the three of them. And while Tyler can’t stay the night, Alan has just the toy to keep his new pet’s mind on what happened so far… and what will happen when they meet next.

In a world where otherworldly demons attack every night, there’s a time for games and a time to fight, and as it turns out the three men work just as well together on the battlefield as they do in the bedroom. At work or at play, though, it all comes down to the same thing for the three of them: following the rules, and trusting the men standing—or kneeling—next to each of them.



RATING – Sizzling

LENGTH – 23.000 words

NOTE – Third part of His Dominant Sire series, which is part of the larger Demons Age series. This book includes graphic BDSM elements.


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