Where to find my books

Ever since my first book came out over a decade ago, I have been committed to offering my stories on a variety of platforms. Most of them can be found on the following platforms: iBooks (Apple)nook (Barnes & Noble)KoboSmashwords

Many can also be requested through your library system, for example libraries that use Overdrive for their digital content.

But there’s no denying that the biggest ebook seller right now is Amazon, and many of its customers belong to its Kindle Unlimited program. I have decided to place some of my books exclusively in this program. They are sometimes older books that have not found readers on other platforms, or new books I enroll in Kindle Unlimited for their releases.

While browsing this site, you can look for books through the ‘wide distribution‘ and ‘KU‘ tags, or find links to the available vendors on each book page.

Links to audiobooks or paperbacks are also available on the book pages for which they exist.