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Exiled – Firelands Wars 2

He could silence his dragon, but not his heart… Born a dragon prince in the Firelands, exiled for a crime he hasn’t committed yet, Glenn has learned to ignore his dragon. He made a life for himself on Earth, giving diving lessons and exploring wrecks in Lake Erie. But on the same day a new sassy assistant steps into his office, his old life catches up with him. The Firelands are at war again, and […]

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Mated – Firelands Wars 1

She’s perfect for him… except she’s a phoenix… When the Ileos clan invites shifter clans from the Firelands to watch their new leader take power, Maikel Argonis doesn’t have much choice but to attend. As second in line to the throne, his lack of interest for this kind of social function is not reason enough to stay home. His father, the king of the Firelands, rules over his sons with as firm a hand as […]

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Stolen – Firelands Wars 3

He used to have wings, too… As a shifter, Galaia has always heard her dragon in her mind… until now. Not only can’t she communicate with the beast anymore, but she also finds herself a captive of vampires, with no memory of what happened and no idea about the identity of this “Jon” whose whereabouts her jailer demands to know. Anton remembers what it was like to have a dragon inside him. He was a […]