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Ward of the Vampire – Complete Serial

When I was brought to the birthday party for the millionaire bachelor, Morgan Ward, it never dawned on me that I would end up being the gift.

I also never imagined that my boss, Delilah, and Morgan were vampires, able to compel me to remain in the mansion against my will long after the party is over, or to draw me into incredibly real, dizzyingly sexy fantasies that leave me breathless, confused and needing more.

And I certainly never thought that, little by little, I’d fall in love with my reluctant, standoffish host, and manage to peel back his armor to uncover his past – and his heart.



RATING – sexy

LENGTH – 160.000 words

NOTE – This boxed set gathers the 5 parts of the Ward of the Vampire serial with a bonus scene.
It also belongs to the Compulsion Cycle series, in which each serial can be read independently.


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