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The Blurred Trilogy – Complete Series

In a future world shattered by the invasion of beast-like demons, humans are fighting back as well as they can, using ancient weapons and magic to defend their cities. Next to them, vampires are fighting too – some for the thrill of it, others to hold on to age-old Pacts, which demand that they protect humans. In this trilogy of novels, we watch two vampires, Blake and his Sire Marc, redefine the reasons why they […]

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Anando’s Journey

It starts with one spin on the dance floor, one night like many other nights: vampire Anando takes new prey to his bed, takes her body and her blood. But one dance turns into two, two nights turn into three, then more. Inviting others to join them only draws them closer. Virginia isn’t just prey any longer. Bedroom games give way to feelings. And Anando, confronted with his deepest fear, has to choose between clinging […]

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Life On The Edge

A vampire menage box set When bar owner Brett Andrews meets the sexy vampire Lisa, he has no idea that his entire life is about to change. While he never had any ill feelings toward vampires, he was never entirely comfortable around them either. And yet, he soon gets very, very close to her… and not merely in a physical way. They become business partners as well as lovers. His life changes even further when […]