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The Last Sunset

When she first met vampires Blake and Marc, Kate couldn’t imagine falling in love with two men; after five years of fighting demons by their side, she can’t imagine not loving them both. Tonight, she plans to become theirs for good, and make them hers forever.   PAIRING – M/F/M RATING – sexy LENGTH – 8.000 words NOTE – In this bonus epilogue to the Blurred Trilogy, Blake, Marc and Kate find their ever after. […]

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By Starlight (Vampire Delights #6)

You don’t turn one hundred every day… and you don’t find two people to spend eternity with all that often either…   PAIRING – M/F/M RATING – sexy LENGTH – 7.000 words NOTE – In this bonus scene to the Vampire Delights series, Lilah, Florian and Damon celebrate a centennial… and the beginning of  a long life together. If you have not read the series, this epilogue will only spoil the fact that the characters […]

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The Best Present (Ward of the Vampire #6)

One year ago, vampire Morgan Ward turned four hundred years old. One year ago, the human Angelina entered his life. For his birthday and the anniversary of their first meeting, she wants to find him the perfect present, but what do you get your centuries-old millionaire boyfriend? Her presence when his family visits will be present enough, he says, which would be fine if his family didn’t scare Angelina witless…   PAIRING – M/F RATING […]