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No Crayons On The Front Line

When Samuel gets his class of elementary students to write letters to soldiers fighting on the demon invasion front line, the children coax him into doing the same. Lieutenant Williams soon answers his letter, and it’s only the beginning of a long exchange of thoughts, anecdotes and feelings. This long-distance relationship is bound to change when they meet in person… Will they each be true to what they showed through their words?   PAIRING – […]

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Aria & Will

In a near-apocalyptic world, humans and vampires are allied against savage demons from a parallel dimension that relentlessly attack their cities. In the fortified town of Newhaven, Wilhelm, a centuries-old vampire, has been fighting for so long and has lost so much that he’s not sure he remembers why he fights anymore. After a chance meeting with the human child Ariadne, he keeps a close eye on her, and makes sure she remains safe. Watching […]

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A Kiss of Blood

All Deidra wanted was a family. Instead of a husband and children however, fate gives her a Sire, a clan, and a village she is sworn to protect from beastly demons. It also gives her Tristen, who teaches her what it means to be a vampire—and what it means to love. When her duties to her village conflict with her Sire’s orders, she has to choose which part of her family is the most important. […]