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Fiery Blooms Volume One

In a world where the existence of shifters, telepaths, and all kinds of ‘paras’ has become common knowledge, a world where everyone is marked at birth with the name of their fated mate, Sanctuary is one of the few places where paras can be who they are without fear, and love without restraints. Meet four of Sanctuary’s fiery, flower-named ladies, and follow their journeys toward love, acceptance and freedom: Violet, Hazel, Marigold and Rose. PAIRING […]

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Sharing Hazel

A dragon, a lion and a fire tamer… Are they men enough to share this chimera? In a world of fated mates, Hazel doesn’t have a name tattooed on her wrist like everyone else. She has three. From childhood, she was taught that one day she’d need to choose, and when the time came she did just that, picking one mate over the other even when she loved her dragon shifter just as much as […]