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Serenade – Complete Serial

For six centuries, the vampire Irene has hunted human prey to feed from their necks, sometimes taking them to her bed, too. For almost as long, she has preserved her memories in music, composing on her piano but never sharing her work.

So when, during a trip to Paris, she stumbles onto a bar in which a pianist plays her music for the patrons, she’s flabbergasted that anyone might be enjoying her compositions and outraged that they’ve been stolen from her.

Her first instinct is to take the pianist’s life as retribution, but a few words—and a torrid night—shared with the talented, intriguing and insolent Rachid change her mind. She can’t understand what is so special about him, just like she can’t understand how listening to him play her music on the piano touched something inside her so that she’s able to compose again after decades of being blocked.

When she tries to figure out what is it with this one human, she meets his vampire companion, Oliver, and soon finds herself entangled in their lives…



RATING – sexy

LENGTH – 100.000 words

NOTE – This box set gathers the 5 installments of the Serenade serial, which are also available individually:

Overture – a piece at the beginning of a larger work
Encore – an additional performance
Ensemble – a group performing together
Accelerando – gradually faster
Serenade – a love song


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